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“Ramiro was pleasant, polite and professional from the first conversation, to when the job was finished. He showed up on time and got to work right away. He did a great job with my lawns. His price is really reasonable, and he encouraged me to look at the end result before he packs up his equipments. I was really happy with his service and even ended up requesting a monthly lawn care maintenance plan.  Give him a call/text, I'm sure he'll do right by your lawns/trees/gardens!! I regret not taking any before pictures so his afters won't do his work justice, but next time I will.”

- The T.

“My neighbor had a tree trimmer working in her yard, trimming a big tree in front of her house. I have a big California Pepper tree in my front yard. I walked next door and talked with Rimero Gonzalez, the owner of the business. I asked him if he would give me a quote to trim 2 trees in my yard. The quote was much better that the last time I had my trees trimmed. So I asked can you do it today. He said he would be happy to trim my trees that day. He did a much better job than the last time I had them trimmed. My other neighbor saw what a good job Rimero did on my trees and asked him if he could do his trees also. Rimero said yes and worked late into evening to trim George's trees. What I was very impresses with is how well he cleaned up and how much care he took with my flower beds so that they did not get harmed in any way. Both George and Cindy as well as myself loved Ramiro's work. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants a great job done on trimming your trees. I am very happy with the job Ramiro did!”

- Steve K.
“Their service was very good. The price was affordable, and they listened well to what I needed.”

- John M.

The service was fantastic!
Details: Residential • Create a new garden on bare dirt • Extra small (less than 1,000 sq ft) • No, I need help buying plants • I don't need a sprinkler or drip system installed • As needed • No additional services needed • Fertilizer application

-Amanda M.
Ramiro was on time and had a positive attitude. He shared resources and completely engaged in the assignment. It was completed as requested. I would strongly recommend him.

-Leslie F.


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